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This picture was painted by 18-year-old Meena, a few days before she killed herself, and poignantly expresses the loneliness she felt, but did not speak about to anyone.



About Us

Maithri, Kochi is a registered non-governmental organisation in Kochi (Cochin), working for suicide prevention in Kerala. It operates as part of Maithri Foundation Trust, a public charitable trust registered under the Charitable Trusts Act,1952. Maithri is a member of Befrienders India, the India Chapter of Befrienders Worldwide(formerly Befrienders International). Maithri follows Befrienders International's Charter, which summarises its vision, mission, values and principles. The motto of Maithri is suicide prevention with people’s participation.’ 


Our vision is for a society in which fewer people die by suicide, and where people are able to explore their own feelings, and acknowledge and respect the feelings of others.



As member centres our mission is:

to provide confidential emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide and to share information and work together, for greater efficacy.


Our objective- Befriending the friendless


1.       Generating awareness among public about spotting suicidal tendencies and symptoms among self and others.

2.       Providing solace to depressed and disturbed minds through active listening.

3.       Creating overall awareness about Maithri and other similar organisations that work towards suicide-prevention and awareness generation.

4.       Instigate institutions and groups to discuss and provide support and help to those needing help.

5.       Training volunteers to deliver quality education on stress, mental health and suicide prevention.

6.        Increasing external communication between organisations like Maithri by providing quality communication materials.

 Maithri believes that vast majority of suicides taking place around us can be prevented and that deliberate self-harm is the last option for the distressed person. It is not uncommon, in the present day Kerala society, that a distressed person finds it difficult to reach out to an understanding fellow human being to ventilate himself. Any contact with Maithri is being pursued as a  cry for help. What Maithri offers to such fellow beings is unconditional friendship (maithri) in an atmosphere of trust and confidence

The organisation is run by volunteers who lend an understanding ear to any person in distress wanting to talk to another human being, in an atmosphere of respect, trust and confidence. Maithri offers befriending to any person who reaches out for help, whether suicidal or not. 


Address:   MAITHRI,  ICTA Shantigram, Changampuzha Nagar (P.O.),  
Kalamassery, Kochi - 682 033, Kerala, India.

Phone:      91- 484- 2540530

E-mails:    maithrihelp@gmail.com  (only for befriending service)       

                 maithrikochi@gmail.com  (only for official correspondence)

TIMINGS: 10 am  to 7 pm on all days

Services offered: Maithri offers emotional support to persons undergoing emotional distress, who may be in imminent danger of taking their own lives. Maithri’s services can be accessed by:

·  Personal visits to the center 

·  Contacting the centre through Telephone 

·  Sending a letter to the centre

·  Sending an e-mail

Some of our other services


In the year 1997 and 1998 there were about a dozen of suicides in connection with the failure in matriculation examination. From the year 1999, this prompted Maithri to initiate a 24 hour telephone helpline, for some days, in connection with the publication of the SSLC results. This program is being continued every year during the time of examination results. Maithri has so far helped more than 10000 students.


Maithiri has designed a Project for providing proper mental health guidance to the Higher Secondary School students. The project was implemented in all Higher Secondary Schools of Ernakulam District with the help of District Administration and Child line.


Maithiri volunteers visit Relief Settlement Centre for providing an opportunity for destitute inmates to ventilate their painful feelings.  Maithiri provides this spot befriending service during various outreach programmes conducted in different education institutions.


To provide an opportunity to ventilate the feelings of the family members of those who have died prematurely or by suicide, Maithri sends consoling letters offering emotional support. This unique project is the first one of its kind and has invited international attention.


Maithiri volunteers visit the family members of those who die by suicide and provide emotional support. Since no suicide prevention plan is complete without catering to the need of the survivors, Maithri has designed  this novel Project for providing ventilation to the survivors.

The volunteer present at the center will spend time with the visitor (or the caller) for as long as is desired by him/her. No appointment is needed and no fees accepted. Anonymity  of the person who contacted will be protected.  On receiving requests from persons or groups promoting suicide-prevention in Kerala, out-reach programmes are also conducted. Read more on our befriending services. See also the Privacy Policy.

How we started: Maithri started  functioning from the Sahrudaya Buildings, on Rajagiri Road, Kalamassery on 17th June, 1995. In November 1998, the center was shifted to Kochi to facilitate easy access to the callers and volunteers alike. On 2nd October 2007, we shifted to the present premises in Kalamassery. Our history recounts the inception process and the ongoing saga of  Maithri, and the suicide-prevention movement in Kerala.

National CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Hub, under the Department of Public Enterprises, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Government of India has appraised the work of Maithri and noted its organisational capacities. Maithri has been provisionally empanelled with the National CSR Hub in the area of Mental health in the state of Kerala, India.

Maithri institute for research and outreach MIRO is an initiative by Maithri Foundation Trust to reach out to the vulnerable sections of the population, and to generate greater awareness regarding suicide.

MIRO is located at:


H-2104, Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium Complex,
     Kaloor, Kochi – 682017, Kerala.
     Phone +91 484 2342703.

E-mail : maithriinstitute@gmail.com

Maithri's funding is entirely through contributions from the public. Sale of greeting cards and raffle-tickets occasionally supplement the contributions. Support Maithri and support suicide-prevention in Kerala.

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Address: MAITHRI, ICTA Shantigram, Changampuzha Nagar ( P.O.), Kalamassery, Kochi - 682 033,
Kerala , India . Phone no:+ 91-484-2540530.