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Are you suicidal?

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is a voluntary organisation working to provide confidential emotional support to distressed persons, who may be in danger of  taking their own lives. Maithri's primary mission is to reduce deaths due to suicide in society. Our services are available free of cost to any person who is undergoing emotional pain, whether suicidal or not

The word Maithri means ‘friendship’- friendship that we offer to the lonely, desperate and suicidal fellow beings. The motto of Maithri is ‘suicide prevention with people’s participation.’

Maithri operates in Kochi (Cochin), in the state of Kerala, south-west India. Kerala's suicide-rates happen to be very high among all Indian states and UTs. Maithri strives to reverse Kerala's suicide proneness, by bringing solace and comfort to the emotional needs of those who belong to Kerala, or those who speak the language of Malayalam.

Maithri is a member of Befrienders India, which is an umbrella organisation of  befriending centres in eleven cities of India. Affiliated to Befrienders Worldwide (formerly Befrienders International), the functioning of these centres is presently coordinated by its charter 

Maithri views every attempted suicide as a cry for help. To every distressed person who wishes to be supported, Maithri offers its unconditional Friendship Everyone contacting Maithri is assured of unprejudiced acceptance, confidentiality and respect due to a fellow human being. Policies followed by Maithri in these interactions are summarised in the Charter of Befriending.



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Address: MAITHRI, ICTA Shantigram, Changampuzha Nagar ( P.O.), Kalamassery, Kochi - 682 033,
Kerala , India . Phone no:+ 91-484-2540530.